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Maria Michaels Designs – This site is no longer available. Quilt patterns are being moved to Craftsy.
Kay Mackenzie: Quilt Puppy
Eldrid Royset Forde – Kameleon Quilts

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Quilts for – THE place to buy and sell quilts online!

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All About Appliqué
Grandma Coco’s Designs
  – One of my top favourites!
The Quilt Pattern Magazine – Full of patterns. Also with articles, mystery quilts, BOMs, and workshops. Subscribers have access to Pattern Pastiche, a social media for quilters.

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Quilt Art

Creative Textile and Quilting Arts– Inspiration for Textile and Quilt Artists

Lynda Thomson – Fiber Artist Specializing in Art Quilts

Online Quilt Magazines

The Quilt Pattern Magazine

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Quilt Qua

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Camlyn Quilts – Professional Quilting

Quilt Shops – Canadian

Sew-Sisters – A great online source for quilt fabrics

Quilting Techniques

All About Appliqué – Kay Mackenzie

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  1. Rosemary Martens

    Looking for 10 inch squares of quilting notion fabric thanks.

  2. CT

    I’m looking for left over scraps of quilt fabrics, any size from 1.5 inch up to 5, 6 inch square. Bright colors, any kind of pattern.

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