A New Dorothy Baker from Lecien

If you’ve been following Dorothy Baker‘s Vintage Tiles BOM published by Lecien, check to be sure you have each instalment. This BOM has ended, but a lovely, new, complete pattern by Dorothy is now available. Isn’t it elegant? You’re sure to want it, too.

Click on the photo to visit Lecien’s site and download this wonderful pattern.

Elegance in Centenary by Dorothy Baker

Elegance in Centenary by Dorothy Baker



  1. P.S. I have moved this blog to my own web pages. Will you please join me there? I would appreciate it. http://www.mariamichaelsdesigns.com/blog

  2. Frieda –

    As I’m sure you know, Dorothy Baker is the designer of Vintage Tiles. I recommend visiting her blog at http://dorothybakerdesigns.blogspot.ca and contacting her from there. I’m sure she will let you know how to get the missing instructions you need. Or, if you prefer to email her directly, here is the email address to use. – luv2appliqueca at yahoo.ca To help prevent spam, please remove the spaces and change “at” to the usual @.

  3. I downloaded the patterns for Vintage Tiles Revisited and have made all the blocks. I realize I do not have the pattern for the outer border. Guess I missed it. Does anyone have the pattern and instructions for the outer border? fpickett@liqsolsep.com

  4. Thank you very much for pointing my mistake out, Barb. I appreciate it and will correct it. My apologies to you and to everyone! – I agree. The pattern is gorgeous. Dorothy Baker is a very talented designer.

  5. Barb Colvin

    FYI–I just checked my download of Elegance in Centenary, and it is a complete pattern not a BOM. Gorgeous!

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