Book Review: The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs

The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs
The Goodbye Quilt

Susan Wiggs is one of my favourite authors, so I was delighted to find a story by her which includes quilts.

I won’t tell you too much about the story because you’ll want to discover it for  yourselves.
Here’s just a little.

Linda Davis works at her local quilt shop. It is time for her  only child, Molly,  to leave for college and Linda is finding the upcoming separation extremely difficult. They  decide to drive across country to Molly’s dorm instead of having her fly. When not taking her turn driving, Linda works on finishing the memory quilt she will give Molly to use while at college.

A good and touching story for all of us who quilt, for all of us who have watched our children leave home, and for those of us who have made memory quilts or plan to. This is an enjoyable read for non-quilters, too.

Click on the book cover to visit Susan Wigg’s website. Look for the book online at Chapters, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or at your favourite local book store. If you prefer getting it from your library, and it’s not there, Susan’s site has a form  to print and present to your library. It  provides the information they’ll need to order it.

Cover: Hard
Pages:  250
Publisher: Mira


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