Wonderful, Free BOM by Dorothy Baker

Lecien, manufacturers of quality cotton fabrics, is featuring one of talented designer, Dorothy Baker‘s, patterns as a free BOM.

They began featuring them a while back, but you can hurry and catch up with all the block patterns already provided for Dorothy’s lovely Vintage Tiles Revisted pattern.



  1. Brenda – If it’s Dorothy Baker’s website you want, you’ll find it here – http://dorothybakerdesigns.blogspot.ca/p/bom-patterns.html

  2. Brenda – I no longer use this WordPress site for my blog. I have moved it to my own web pages. Here is where you will find the current Maria’s Quilt Scraps.

    I did a search for the pattern you want and found quite a few using that name. I suggest you take a look at this Pinterest page which shows many of them. I hope the one you want is there. If so, click on it and the next page that comes up should have a link for where to find it right under the image. 

Hope you find the one you want. Let me know if you do, but not here. Please go to my new site for Maria’s Quilt Scraps and leave your comment there.

  3. I wish to order pattern “Some Bunnie Loves You” How do I do this?

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