More About Mother Nature

In the past, when winters are somewhat milder, our Snowdrops have popped up as early as the end of February. Just the leaves though, no flowers.

This year, to our amazement, the Snowdrops not only sent up their leaves early this week, they bloomed! However, today, they are hidden under another snowfall. Fortunately, they do well in the snow, as you can tell by their name.

As if that isn’t amazing enough, the stems of two of our rosebushes have already changed to their spring colours. One changes from brown to green each spring; the other from brown to red.I know the Snowdrops will be fine, but I hope the sudden return to snow and freezing temperatures doesn’t harm the roses. These two are the very hardy kind that don’t need covering or protection for the winter. They’ve survived beautifully for many years, but have never before changed colour so early!

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