Late Bloomers

Unbelievably, it’s December 12th and we still have some pansies blooming and chives still green in our garden. The pansies don’t look as wonderful as they do in the summer, but it’s a wonder they’re here at all! We still had two rosebuds in November, too.

What’s still in your garden? Do leave a comment!

Our Late Bloomers

Our Late Bloomers



  1. Thank you, Quilter, for letting us know that you enjoyed the Blog Hop. You are welcome. It was great fun. Come fall, please let me know if you find anything similar. I wonder now, if it’s rare or common.

  2. Quilter

    I, too, want to thank you for the Blog Hop.
    The two colored maple leaf is beautiful and now I will be checking my garden and trees this next year to see if I can find a similar anomaly.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to say you enjoyed it, Venita. I’m so glad you did!

  4. Venita

    Thank you so much for the fun Blog Hop.

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