Canadian Christmas Blog Hop – Week 3

Last week you visited Daphne Greig – Fibre Artist, Designer, Teacher, Author. Didn’t you just lover her Elegant Strip Table Runner & delicious Scotty’s Nest Eggs recipe? Mmmmmmm……..

This week meet Benita Skinner and visit her wonderful site – Victoriana Quilters. If this is your first time visiting Benita, you are in for a very special treat. You’re sure to spend lots of time viewing all the special items she has for quilters! Enjoy!

  1. October 16th – Dougal Walker
  2. October 23rd – Daphne Greig
  3. October 30th Benita Skinner
  4. November 6th – Kathy K Wylie
  5. November 13th – Maria Hrabovsky
  6. November 20th – Jean Boyd
  7. November 27th – Susan Purney-Mark
  8. December 4th – Sue Jensen
  9. December 11th – Cheryl Wall

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