I’m Back

I had promised myself to add to my blog once a week, but it just didn’t work out. Many things have contrived to prevent the possibility. It isn’t the right time for a New Year’s resolution – not in the middle of the current, heat and humidity wave – but I’m making one again. I always enjoyed my bimonthly newsletters and, just as much, changing to this blog venue. I hope now, to be able to make the time to enjoy it again on a weekly basis. Fingers crossed that I can live up to it!

For this back-to-blogging post, I’ll catch you up on some of what has been going on.

Quilts for Sale

I’ve continued with my Quilts for Sale website and have been very enjoyably busy with it. It continues to grow. We now represent 120 quilters with 537 quilt listings. I don’t know that there is another site representing as many quilters or quilts. If you know of one, please email it to me at maria at maria michaels designs.com (by removing the spaces and changing “at” to @ – time consuming, I know, but still the best way, it seems, to avoid tons more spam in my mailbox.)

We are getting a lot of hits – 1,377,331 so far this year – so it is receiving a lot of attention. It is lovely to get to know and work with so many quilters. The site is definitely eye candy for those of us who love quilts. If you haven’t visited it yet, sit down with a hot cup of coffee or tea (those of us in the wintry Southern Hemisphere) or a tall, cool glass of lemonade (those of us in the Northern Hemisphere’s heat waves) and spend some time viewing this lovely, large display!

The Quilt Pattern Magazine

July 2011 Cover of The Quilt Pattern Magazine

Cover, July 2011 Issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine

I have also been busy enjoying the position of Editor of The Quilt Pattern Magazine, which made its debut in January of this year. Those of you who are long-time readers know about it. For those new to Maria’s Quilt Scraps it is an online-only magazine and among the first of the quilt magazines to use this technology. Our readers tell us that they are very pleased not to be piling up more magazines in their sewing rooms. They like the fact that they can store all their issues on their computers and only print patterns as they decide to make them. Some don’t even have to do that because their computers are in their sewing rooms.

We are receiving wonderful testimonials, too. Here are just three:

“I just wanted to let you know I had time yesterday to review my “NEW” magazine and it is awesome. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of purchasing a new type of magazine. The patterns are wonderful and so are the articles. Again thanks for all your hard work to put this together.”

“The magazine is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Keep up the good work!!”

Wowee! I’m impressed. TQPM is tons more than I ever expected. A first class act, group. And I’m now contacting all my fellow quilties to tell them this is truly the crème de la crème! Thanks so much. I have now only to decide which project is first.”

Click here to read the names that go with them and to read the many others.

In case you’re not yet aware of it, we have a private quilters’ group for our subscribers and it’s lots of fun. Quilters gather there to exchange photos of their projects, join projects, and chat with one another (and that includes our staff, all of whom are quilters). They can even create their own blog pages in it, and they do. We call it Pattern Pastiche.

Subscribe to The Quilt Pattern Magazine and share in the fun! It’s a winning offer! You can’t lose! Why? Because our policy is that if you’re not happy with it, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for any undelivered issues.

If you have any questions, visit our Contact Page and ask them. The editor or one of our talented staff will be happy to answer them.

Heartwarming Message

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Made by Susan Katz

Sometimes we are fortunate to receive heartwarming messages. Today was one of those lucky times for me. Here are the message and the photos that came my way. I thank Susan for giving me permission to share them with you. She wrote:

Hi Maria–

I found your pattern online for a quilt made with diagonal strips, and I have been using it to make quilts for Project Linus. All of these are 30″ x 30″ quilts which are used in the neonatal intensive care units. They drape them over the isolettes to make the room cheerier, and then the quilts go home with the infants when they are ready to leave the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

I had a lot of fabric donated to me by a quilter, and so I didn’t have to cut ANY strips! I will be making more, as I have not yet used up my supply of strips. These are shown in the order in which I made them.

THANKS so much for this great idea!

Susan Katz

Thank you, Susan, for using my pattern in such a special, wonderful way! You most definitely warm my heart!


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