Easter Gift Idea – and – a 15% Off Discount!

The Easter Bunny is hopping around The Quilt Pattern Magazine to remind you that Easter is April 24th.

While he is hopping, there is a 15% discount for new subscribers to the magazine.

Imagine! You’ll get over 60 patterns per year, plus much more, for only $11.89!

Click here and enter the special, Maria’s Quilt Scraps code to give the perfect Easter present! (And don’t forget yourself!)
Special code: TQPM-BES

Hurry, though! This offer expires on April 24th, 2011.



  1. Hello Marthie.
    I’m sorry that you have not received a speedier response. For some reason, your question did not show up and I just found it now.
    The best place to get information on Bernina machines like yours is on the Bernina ThirtySomethings Yahoo group. You’ll find everyone there quite friendly and helpful. You can join in just until you get the answers you need, or stay and learn more and/or share your knowledge. You’ll find it here – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BerninaThirtySomethings

  2. Marthie van Rensburg

    I have got an 540-2 favorit Bernina mashine and would want to know if some body can help me with a book on it. I need to know how to service it and use it for tha patren porshen do not want to work. The mashine was standing for a long time and i got it on a aukcion. so plkease if some body can help me. I grew up with one of this mashines and i can not remember how to operate all the funtions on it . Would like to hear from othet ladys using it .
    My name is Marthie and I live in South Afrika.
    Thank You.

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