Quilts for Japan

As everyone knows, the earthquakes in Japan have left many in need. Quilters are wonderful people who always get together to send help in the form of quilts.

If you would like to help by making a quilt to send, but are concerned about the high costs of mailing, Northcott Fabrics in Canada has made a wonderful offer to Canadian Quilters.

Northcott will collect and ship quilts to those suffering the after-effects of the earthquakes and tsunami.

Requirements & Information:

  • Quilts should be new or not have been used .
  • Sizes from crib to double are needed.
  • Large lap or twin sizes are the preferred sizes.
  • Quilts will be collected only until the end of April.
  • At that time, they will be shipped to Japan.
  • In Japan, the quilts will be received and distributed by the Editor of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin Magazine. (See the Editor’s message below.).
  • Due to the difficulty of getting quilts across the Canada-U.S. border, this offer is, unfortunately, only for Canadians.
  • Send your quilts to:

    Northcott – Quilts for Japan
    101 Courtland Ave.
    Vaughan, ON
    L4K 3T5

  • U.S. Quilters also have a similar, wonderful offer from Luana Rubin of eQuilter Please visit Luana’s Blog for all of the necessary details.

    If you prefer, you can mail quilts yourself. The details are included in the following request.

    Editor’s Plea

    Naomi Ichikawa is the editor of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin Magazine.
    She lives in Tokyo. Her mother and brother survived the tsunami in Sendai.

    Here is Naomi’s message and request:

    It is still bad situation now in Japan.
    We are still nervous about shaking and radiation, but no way to escape.

    I start to announce to the quilters to send us comfort quilts for the people who are suffered. I would like to do it to the world quilters. We will deliver the comfort quilts to the people who are very difficult situation.
    Could you please help to announce it to the quilters?

    We accept any size of quilts (baby to adult) new or unused.
    The deadline would be the end of May or later

    Until the middle of April, send the quilts to:

    Naomi Ichikawa, Editor of Patchwork Quilt tsushin Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd
    5-28-3,Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo, Japan

    After the middle of April, send the quilts to:

    Naomi Ichikawa
    Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd
    2-21-2,Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo, Japan

    I will appreciate if you help me.



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