Final Day of The Quilt Pattern Magazine Blog Tour – With A Prize and A Special Surprise!

Welcome to the last day of our Blog Tour! Many of you have been following along since the beginning of the month and some of you are new to our Tour.

Newcomers can still go back and view all of the previous blogs by clicking here. Tour regulars can go back and visit any they may have missed.
Be sure to do that today, before it all disappears!

By now, our blog regulars have learned all of the following:

    The Quilt Pattern Magazine debuts tomorrow!
    It is an online only magazine.
    It is environmentally friendly because it saves trees.
    It is a bargain because it provides 5 patterns per issue along with reviews, technique articles, challenges, and more, in 12 issues yearly.
    It introduces you to many new and very talented designers.
    There is no waiting for mail delivery. The magazine will be ready for you on the first of every month.
    There are no shipping costs.
    You can receive it wherever in the world you are.
    All templates are easy to print using our PDF format. There is no overlapping of templates because we do not have space limits.
    Issues will vary in size because we do not need to limit the sizes of designers’ patterns.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine
If you order today, you can still take advantage of our special introductory offer!
A one year subscription is only $11.99 U.S. plus you receive an extra issue free. That is 13 issues for $11.99!

Go ahead right now and subscribe because tomorrow, this special 14% off discount offer will be gone, and the yearly subscription price will include only the usual 12 months.

It is a special honour to have become the editor of The Quilt Pattern Magazine. My days have been filled with new, exciting experiences along with the privilege of meeting and working with many interesting, talented quilters, designers, and writers. It’s been great fun!

Do you like to design quilts? If so, we welcome your submissions. Go ahead and take that first step! Click here to learn more about submissions and to view our forms.

The Quilt Pattern Magazine

Win a Prize – A Free Year’s Subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine!

All you need do is visit The Quilt Pattern Magazine web site, look it over, then return to Maria’s Quilt Scraps and leave a comment. I will pick one winner from among the comment writers. The winner will be announced next week.

More Ways to Win!

If you would like more chances to win a free subscription, spend some time visiting the previous blogs and leave a comment on them, too. They will each be choosing a winner! Remember, today is your last chance to do this!

Subscribe Now! Don’t Miss Out On The Introductory Price!

No worries about subscribing now, then finding you have won a free subscription because when that happens, you will receive a refund. By subscribing now, you will enjoy that special price!

Now for the Surprise!

We have created our own social network, which we have named,
Pattern Pastiche! It’s a special place where quilters can get together to discuss all aspects of quilting, celebrate birthdays, join special discussion groups, and discuss the patterns, the magazine and all of its contents by posting messages or chatting or both. Members can post photos of their quilts and create their own blog pages on Pattern Pastiche, which is not at all difficult to do. Many of our designers and writers are members so you can get to know them, ask questions and interact with them. I’m there too, along with our copy editors and The Quilt Pattern Magazine owner.

Come join our friendly, fun, family of quilters at Pattern Pastiche! It’s free for all subscribers!



  1. Rosemary – How is your BOM coming along? Have you joined our Pattern Pastiche and shared photos of each month’s BOM? If not, I hope you do!
    You are going to have a beautiful quilt once all the BOM’s for this Baltimore Album quilt are done!

  2. Rosemary Martens

    Can’t wait till the next issue am going to do the BOM on the cover of the January issue…
    God Bless

  3. Thanks for posting about this great magazine. Happy New Year!

  4. Laine

    Finally the day is almost here for us to see the whole magazine.

  5. Nancy Sue

    I love the idea of an online magazine!!! What a green idea to be able to only print out what I need at the time 🙂
    Thank you for participating in the blog tour!

  6. Can’t wait until morning for the first issue to unveil:) Happy New Year!

  7. mtnsumac

    Can’t wait to see the new magazine…more convenient and sure to be full of ideas. Thanks for the chance to enter for a subscription. Happy New Year!

  8. Jo E

    I can’t wait for the first issue to arrive in my inbox!

  9. VickiT

    I love the sounds of this magazine but will have to wait for awhile to subscribe. Hopefully in the next few months I’ll be able to do so.

  10. Oh excited out of my chair, can’t wait.
    Happy New Year, from Australia

  11. kathy h

    This new magazine looks great. I like the idea of storing the patterns on the computer. I am looking forward to the 2 blocks of the month.

  12. Linda Carhill

    Happy New Year! Tomorrow’s the day!

  13. Susan Punch

    Less than 24 hours to wait for the new magazine.
    I will have it with me wherever my lap top takes me.
    Thanks again to all the people who work to make this happen.

  14. Marianne

    Looking forward to this new emagazine. I would love to win a subscription. Happy New Year!!

  15. The blog tour was great – Now, onto getting our e-mags and quilting up a storm in 2011! Happy New Year!

  16. That is really exciting! Thanks for the blog tour. It was also great to find all those new blogs! Love the idea to have everything on my computer and it will save so much postagecosts. It is crazy expensive to get magazines from overseas!

  17. Gill watson

    This looks a great magazine! and a great idea for us overseas readers
    Thank you

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