The Rainbow Sign

For years now, at our house, the rainbow sign means one thing in mid to late August and the opposite in the spring.

You see, we have two crystals hanging in our dining room window. When sunlight causes rainbows to appear on our wall and floor, it signals a change and we know that the sun is much lower in the sky indicating the coming end of summer. When they disappear in the spring, we know that the sun has risen high enough in the sky to signal another change of seasons.

We all enjoy the rainbow displays and they delight small visitors, too.



  1. Goodness, but that is scary! I urge everyone who reads Eldrid’s warning to take heed!

    I will look into it further. Perhaps we’ve been fortunate for the past 15 years because our crystals are multi-faceted, very like those on chandeliers. Also, our drapes are rarely ever shut when the sun is shining. I think that those facets disperse the light whereas a round shape would magnify it. I’m going to do some research then add your warning to my blog with the researched information. I would not want anyone in danger! – – – On the other hand, we are always careful to remove glass bottles, etc., away from direct sunlight because we know that they can act like a magnifying glass and start a burn.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! More on this soon!

  2. Be careful with round glass shapes combined with sunshine. I had glass figures hanging in my window till I discovered that there were small holes burned through the curtains. This summer I left a jug of water on the table outside. 5 minutes later, when I brought out the rest of the meal, there was already a hole in the table cloth, and the plastic underheath had started to melt. Scary.

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