Introducing Kaye Wood’s New Quarter Quilt Series

<b>Kaye Wood</b>

Kaye has a new series of quilting patterns that quilters are sure to love. She has named them “Quarter Size Quilts” because they use a quarter of the fabric and take a quarter of the time to make.

These quilts are meant to decorate the bed, not cover it. Some of you may know them as Bed Runner quilts.

Kaye’s Quarter Quilts do not require the use of any special tools or templates which many quilters will find very handy indeed. Handier still is how quickly gifts can be made for special occasions. No need to make a whole quilt! Make a Quarter Quilt!

This Follow the Squares pattern includes directions for pillows and a dresser scarf. Not only are these a delightful addition to a bedroom but to a Quarter Quilt gift as well.

Click on the photo to visit Kaye’s site and purchase this pattern.

<b>Follow the Squares</b> by Kaye Wood

Follow the Squares by Kaye Wood


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