New Quilt Magazine on the Way! – The Quilt Pattern Magazine

The Quilt Pattern Magazine - <b>Coming in January!</b>

The Quilt Pattern Magazine - Coming in January!

An exciting new magazine for quilters is on the way! One of the features that make it unique is that it will be entirely online! It will look and read exactly like a magazine, too.

Plans are for monthly publications with 5 new quilt patterns in each along with articles and reviews. Quilters will be able to print the patterns and articles they wish to keep.

Each set of pattern directions will include either quilt motifs or quilting ideas and suggestions. Articles will include different types of techniques, book and tool reviews, and more. Quilt designers will not have to pare their patterns down to a limited size. They will be able to publish their complete pattern directions without restrictions.

Click on the photo to learn more about The Quilt Pattern Magazine via its web site. Turn the pages and try the zoom feature, too. Naturally, actual issues will be much longer. This is just a small sample of the format.

Be sure to add yourself to the notification list! You may be the lucky winner of a free year’s subscription! That would be exciting!

And, oh yes! One more thing. I am delighted to share the news that I am the editor of The Quilt Pattern Magazine!



  1. Thank you! Words to keep a smile on my face!

  2. Lou Ann Bucheimer

    I have been out of town (new grandson – yeah!!!), but signed up as soon as I saw your notification. Maria, with you as the editor, I know that it will be a hit!

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