Little Visitors

This year a family of bunnies have made their home in our back yard. There are six of them – the parents and four little ones in various sizes. Although we’ve never seen more than two at once, we can tell them apart from their markings. One has a white spot on its forehead. Another’s tail is white on the underside. Another has a reddish colour to the fur on his head, and so on.

They are so cute and such fun to watch! They’ve actually been very helpful too. We don’t use chemicals on our lawn so every spring my husband digs out the dandelions and then removes flower heads whenever he sees them so that they won’t spread. Other than removing some, out of habit in the early spring, he hasn’t had to worry about dandelions this summer at all. The bunnies have eaten every single leaf! There’s not a dandelion or a flower to be seen.

To quote friend and author, Paul Brown: “Furry weedeaters! You should market them. No muss, no fuss.” 🙂

Here’s a photo of the smallest. You can tell how small s/he is by the fact that the weeds popping up between the bricks are taller and they were small. (They’re gone now – all plucked.) The colour isn’t as good as it should be as I had to take it through the glass in our door. Didn’t want to open it and frighten the bunny away.



  1. Joy

    the little furry animal is so cute thank you for the photo

  2. You’re right, Eldrid. He does! 🙂

  3. Oh, Maria, – he is so cute! Looks like something right out of a Beatrix Potter book 🙂

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