Hints and Tips: Making Bookmarks

This actually has a “tiny little” connection with quilting! It’s a good way to use up small bits of fabric scraps.

It’s a fun project to do with children and grandchildren. It will promote reading, which is always a good thing, provide them with some entertainment, and supply them with gifts for others. It’s also a good recycling project especially since many tissue boxes are brightly coloured and designed. Here is a sample of a few:

<b>Bookmarks from Tissue Boxes</b>

Bookmarks from Tissue Boxes

    – If you have a paper cutter, cutting a variety of widths from the cardboard is easy.
    – If not, strips can be drawn on the back with pencil and ruler, then cut out.
    – If the backs are left plain, children can print their “To’s” and “From’s” there along with a wish for the occasion. They can draw small pictures there, too.
    – An adult can cut the fabric strips to size for children who are too young.
    – A glue stick can be rubbed along the back of the bookmark, then the fabric strips can be applied.
    – Two cardboard strips can also be glued together back to back for a different look on each side.

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