Quilts for Sale: Newly Revised and Eye Candy, Too!

The Newly Revised <b>Quilts for Sale.ca</b>

The Newly Revised Quilts for Sale.ca

You may already know that I have two websites that I designed and maintain. Maria Michaels Designs is my pattern design site that I created in 2002. Quilts for Sale is the second of my websites introduced in 2005. This one came about because it occurred to me that many quilters needed a venue to sell their work.

I began it as a static site. Basically, that means that it included text, images, and links. It also meant that I added quilts and their quilters manually. Having grown to include 393 quilts (at the time of writing) and 83 quilters, I was very concerned about the time it was taking to add new quilters and new quilts, and also about the longer waiting times quilters were experiencing.

I came to the uncomfortable, disappointing, upsetting realization that Quilts for Sale could no longer continue to grow and that I would have to put a cap on the number of quilters and quilts. This was not something I wanted to do.

You’ve likely heard the proverb: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Change that a little to – When the need arises, the right person to help will appear – because that’s exactly what occurred.

I happened to be talking to Cindy McCoy, owner of QuiltCampus (quilting lessons online) FindAQuiltPattern.com, and CD Designs, her web development site, and she had the solution to my problem!

Cindy creates dynamic websites. Dynamic pages access information from a database. This means that she has set up the php coding that allows me to enter data which will then appear automatically on all of the search and relevant pages. I no longer have to open each and every single page and enter the data and images manually!


  • I can do in minutes what previously took up to an hour!
  • Quilts for Sale can continue adding quilters and their quilts.
  • Quilts for Sale can continue to be the website with the largest number of quilt choices from the largest number of quilters!
  • I am so thankful for and to Cindy!

    If you happen to need a dynamic website created be sure to visit her CD Designs to learn all that she has to offer and to contact her with your questions.

    We quilters love seeing quilts. Go now and feast your eyes on 393 of them!

    When you’re done, please leave a comment here. I’d love to know what you have to say. πŸ™‚



    1. Thank you, Lou Ann. I’m delighted that you like it. πŸ™‚

      The quilts are tempting, aren’t they?


    2. Lou Ann Bucheimer

      I love your Quilts for Sale website and had several favorites. Since I quilt, I had to get out of there before I put a bid on something πŸ™‚

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