Raggedy Andy Encouraging Reading

The “little” boys this Raggedy Andy was made for are now 39 and 37 with children of their own! Andy is reading and enjoying I Love You, Grandpa by Jillian Harker and Daniel Howarth. Be sure to read a story to a little one today!

A Vintage Raggedy Andy & His Favourite Book

Raggedy Andy & His Favourite Book

Here are Raggedy Ann twins. The little girl in the photo is now 30!

Happily Ensconced Between Raggedy Ann Twins

Happily Ensconced Between Raggedy Ann Twins

Did you or your family or friends have Raggedy Andy or Raggedy Ann dolls? Do you have stories of them? If so, please share them with us here by leaving your comments. Are these two dolls still popular?



  1. Lou Ann Bucheimer

    I had a pair of 36″ dolls all ready to stuff, when I was totalled by a tornado. I haven’t even looked to see if the pattern was one that was spared (there were about 2 dozen, but they are very wrinkled from all the rain afterwards). They would have been put under my Christmas tree every year.

    My daughter lost her “made by mom” Holly Hobby doll, but I found one for sale just 2 weeks later. At $20 it was a steal, as they take forever, and then you need to dress them with pantaloons, long slip, dress, apron and bonnet.

    I still yearn for homemade Raggedy’s under my tree, but haven’t found any I felt were worth the $$$ being asked.

    Moral: Love the ones that you have and cherish them!!!

  2. I haven’t checked lately to see if Raggedy patterns are still available for purchase. I hope they are. How nice to know that your sons are proud owners and that your sister and mother-in-law made so many. I hope you’ll send us a photo to share here when your set is made. 🙂 At the time the ones in my photos were made, the only pattern available was for 36 inch dolls. They are big! 🙂

  3. Nancy in IN

    My sister and my mother-in-law made them for everyone. My sons are the proud owners of an Andy each. I am to make a set for my DDL and will use my mother-in-law’s pattern. They aren’t as big as yours.
    Nancy in IN

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