A kaleidocycle is a set of solids, connected edge-to-edge to form a ring. On the Fold Play site, you can choose four of their photos or four of your own and the kaleidocycle is created for you complete with folding directions.

Here is the photo (before folding) of the kaleidocycle I created from some of my Spring photos.

Have fun with them!



  1. Lou Ann Bucheimer

    I make kaleidoscope quilts every time I find a neat stripe. You have given me a new insight with kaleidocycles. I will be trying them!

    I also collect homemade kaleidoscopes and my grandkids are so careful with them!!! It is the first thing that they head for after entering my home!

  2. 🙂 I’m so glad to know that you find kaleidocycles interesting.

    Using your grandchildren’s photos is a great idea! I hadn’t even thought of that!

  3. Nora J

    Thanks so much for this kaleidocycle info. I want to make these with the grandkids’ pictures on them. Housework and cooking will just have to wait!

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