Making a Baby Quilt – Finished!

I have been recording my stages in creating a baby quilt using the designs in Kay Mackenzie’s book, Easy Appliqué Designs.

The quilt was finished and presented in December and I am just now getting around to showing the photos of my finished project. Unfortunately, we had to hurry to take these photos so my husband held the quilt up which let too much light shine through it, dulling the wonderful fabric colours and making unsatisfactory photos. It would have shown much better had we been able to quickly hang it on a wall.

Kay’s book is still available for purchase and it includes many more appliqué designs than the ones I used. It’s a great book for making baby quilts and I plan to make more of them.

Baby Quilt Front

Baby Quilt Front

Baby Quilt Back

Baby Quilt Back

I used Valdani quilt thread both for the quilting and the loose satin stitch on the appliqués and was delighted both with the thread and the effect. (I’ll do a review of the thread soon.) I made the quilt sandwich first and then did the appliqués which makes the quilt reversible.



  1. Thank you, Lou Ann! I just wish I had taken better photos of it! Lesson learned though. 🙂

  2. Beautiful!!! That is going to be one happy momma and I can just imagine baby using it forever!

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