Book Review: “Troy Truck Explores Maui” by Julyn Watkins

This is obviously not a quilt book but Julyn Watkins is a quilter. Some of her quilts can be seen and purchased on my other website, Quilts for Sale.

Troy Truck Explores Maui is absolutely perfect for the 3 to 8 age group!

<b>Troy Truck Explores Maui</b> by Julyn Watkins

Troy Truck Explores Maui by Julyn Watkins

Julyn writes in a rhyme which is fun to read and has a musical lilt to intrigue little listeners as ecologically friendly Troy Truck tours the beautiful island of Maui. He sees many special and wonderful sights along the way and readers do too, thanks to the beautiful, pleasingly illustrated pages by Mandy Hedrick.

Boys and girls both will be especially intrigued by Troy Truck and enjoy his adventures on Maui. They’ll be fascinated by the flora, fauna and animals he meets. We’ll all want to visit or revisit Maui after reading and seeing these adventures!

Parents, grandparents, and teachers will enjoy reading this little treasure of a book to their little ones. They will also enjoy the Did You Know? section at the back which is chock full of interesting information making the story educational as well as a fun read for children.

If you live in the U.S., order your autographed copy through the target=”_blank”Troy Truck website. Those who live in northern Utah County can pick up their copy and avoid shipping costs.

Troy Truck Explores Maui can also be ordered via Amazon.

Cover: Hard
Author: Julyn Watkins
Illustrator: Mandy Hedrick
Publisher: TJW Books
ISBN-13: 978-0982483800


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