Tool Review: Quilt Ruler Connector

Guidelines™ 4 Quilting has come out with yet another handy, useful tool, the Quilt Ruler Connector!

I wouldn’t be without their rulers for many reasons among them: their clear, easy to see through markings, their non-slip surface, their cutting guides, their unbreakable qualities. I purchased other rulers before Guidelines™ 4 Quilting came along, but since they have, it’s their rulers I reach for every time.

Now, their Quilt Ruler Connector allows us to connect any acrylic rulers we may have.

<b>Quilt Ruler Connector</b> by Guidelines™ 4 Quilting

Quilt Ruler Connector by Guidelines™ 4 Quilting

As you can see in the image above, there are several ways to connect rulers which makes them very handy indeed. Recently, I needed to make a very long cut and used the Quilt Ruler Connector to join two 24 inch rulers end to end. You will know immediately just how easy that made my cutting task! Before, I either had to make a cut and slide the ruler along, or I’d butt 2 rulers against one another being very careful when I got to where they converged. This is so much easier and safer, too! Joining two appropriately sized rulers makes squaring quilts a lot easier too.

To top it all, the Quilt Ruler Connector comes with a lifetime guarantee – and remember, you can use them with any rulers you have! Instructions for use are included with each purchase. The suction cups will work without moistening them first, which I’ve done when in a hurry, but now I take the few necessary seconds to moisten them and they adhere perfectly.

Purchase your Quilt Ruler Connector either at their Finished Size Quilting™ site or at their Guidelines™ 4 Quilting site. While you’re there, look for all of the other time-saving tools on offer and watch the videos and illustrations for how to use all of these wonderful tools.


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