This and That

My but this year has gone by quickly! Each year seems to come to an end more quickly than the year before. Before I know it, the rush of time will cause me to spin like a top!

This has been another eventful year. Due to some chronic health problems, which are being taken care of, and being pressed for time as well, I did not develop any of the new patterns I’d hoped to. The patterns are planned but I could not get to the writing of directions and illustrating – something else I hope to remedy in the New Year.

I had the privilege, pleasure, and joy of teaching online quilt classes at QuiltCampus both in the spring and the fall of the year. Being a former elementary school teacher, I enjoyed getting back to teaching, especially with quilting as the topic! If you are new to quilting, visit QuiltCampus to view the classes on offer. If you are a more experienced quilter, there are classes there for you, too.

This year has seen my Quilts for Sale site grow immensely. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to record how many quilters and quilts were advertised when the year began, so I cannot compare it to the numbers with which we are ending the year. We now represent 79 quilters and have 283 quilts and quilted items on display – numbers which change weekly as new quilters and quilts are added.

Normally all of the quilts offered are new but we have just added 10 quilts from the estate of Ethel Brown. Ethel was not only a skilled quilter but a talented embroiderer specializing in cross stitch. I cannot begin to imagine the number of hours she devoted to the creation of her quilts! You won’t want to miss admiring them! Click here to view them.

After completing her cross stitching, Ethel brought her quilts to two local church quilters’ groups in Decatur, Illinois to have them quilted. Her son, Scott, provided me with a photo of some of the quilters gathered together for a good, old fashioned quilting bee, and included their signatures as well! What a treasure!

Quilting Bee Signatures 1962

Quilting Bee Signatures 1962

Here are the quilters themselves. I wish we had all of their stories!

Quilting Bee 1962

Quilting Bee 1962

Those who love embroidered quilts or who collect older ones, should know that Ethel’s family want her quilts to go to homes where they will be loved and appreciated. Although Scott has a set price for each one, he is ready to accept any offer! So – if you would like to own one of Ethel Brown’s exquisitely embroidered quilts click here to view and purchase them!

Today’s entries take up more than this one web page so be sure to click on the “previous entries” link at the bottom of the page to see the rest! I’ll have the finished baby quilt to show when I next add to Maria’s Quilt Scraps in the New Year.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah!

Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays!

May there be peace and joy!



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