Great Gift Idea for Quilters and All Needleworkers!

I found these magnetic Needle Minders on Kay Mackenzie’s website By Kay Mackenzie some time ago and meant to add them to Maria’s Quilt Scraps immediately. However, due to several circumstances, I have been unable to keep up with blogging since the last of October, a situation I hope to remedy in the New Year.

I ordered the blue butterfly version for myself for two reasons – my favourite colour is blue and I love blue and white together. I also love butterflies so I just had to have it! Here is a selection of only two of the designs and colours available on Kay’s website.

I love using mine! Not only is my needle now always right where I put it and therefore quick and easy to find, but the Needle Minder is so pretty to look at and use. I smile every time I see it.

You might be able to order these on time for Christmas, though I’m not sure of that. Visit Kay’s site and email to ask her. However, even if there is no time left to give these to the quilters, sewers, and needleworkers on your list for Christmas, there will be many gift giving opportunities throughout the New Year – birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day are just a few – and then there is the best reason of all to give – just because!


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