New Tools from Guidelines™ 4 Quilting

Guidelines Seam Allowance Additions from Guidelines 4 Quilting

Guidelines Seam Allowance Additions from Guidelines 4 Quilting

In my January 2008 Newsletter, I reviewed the first version of the Seam Allowance Additions created by John Brady. If you click on the link, you will see that that they were not coloured. They were clear. You’ll also read about how much I liked them and how very handy they are.

John has created an updated version of them which makes them even handier. They are now colour-coded so when we want to add seam allowances for Squares, QSTs (quarter square triangles) and HSTs (Half Square Triangles) we no longer have to stop and read the letters which identify them. We can go immediately to the right one by colour! Of course, the lettering – S, Q, and H also appear on these new versions.

Like their predecessors, these new colour-coded Seam Allowance Additions are quickly and easily attached with suction cups and easily removed. They take all of the math out of the formulas for adding the correct seam allowance to make QSTs and HSTs. No more fractions to think about!

There is no more effective way to explain this no math concept than the presentation of the Guidelines™ 4 Quilting website, so click here to view it. You can also click here to read the manual that goes with them.

I recently made a quilt with the Guidelines™ ruler and these additions. It was a 60 x 60 inch lap size and made up mostly of HSTs. It was a breeze to cut them all out quickly and accurately.

Please note though, that if you purchased the original Guidelines™ 6 x 12 ruler, these Seam Additions won’t fit. They fit the newest, latest version so check with them before ordering if you are not sure. To go to the website and order them, use the links here or click on the photo of my Seam Allowance Additions above.

Guidelines™ rulers are my favourites. I love the fact that they are non-slip and especially appreciate the guide that ensures quick and accurate cuts. John Brady is quite an innovator and has brought us very handy tools. Be sure to watch him tell you about them by clicking here. To use a partial quote, “Nobody tells it better!” 🙂 Be sure to watch the video!


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