Crocus Cloth & Emery Polish Paper – For Sale

Michael has a supply of high quality 9 x 11 inch sheets of Crocus Cloth and 9 x 14 inch sheets of Emery Polishing Paper – extremely fine 1200 grade and made in the USA. Members of my Bernina ThirtySomethings have been taking advantage of his sale.

He is making them available at a cost of $3 U.S. each. The price includes delivery charges for Canada and the U.S.

Michael explains, “These sheets are ideal for cleaning and polishing metal parts of sewing machines and for polishing the carbon deposits off sewing motor commutators. Use them to polish surface rust, nicks and rough spots off all hardened metal parts and smooth sliding and rotating shafts if they have wear marks from bushings. These are great supplies for do-it-yourself projects or for restoring smooth action to a machine which has been stored without adequate lubrication.”

“These are meant for cleaning metal parts only, not for chromed, painted or enameled surfaces. They will smooth and polish shafts and wipe off stains, surface rust and moisture-related discoloration.”

“The Crocus Cloth is a very fine (1200 grade) jewelers rouge impregnated cloth for polishing out nicks, rough spots and burrs and it is also very gently but effective for polishing hard metal parts that have gotten discolored due to rubbing without adequate lubrication, or machines that have been stored in damp locations without proper protection. When shafts move through close-fitting bushings they start to get marked and Crocus Cloth will clean up the shafts and smooth out the pick-up marks.”

“For quilters who use older machines like the Featherweights, 301s and Slant-o-matics I can also include a free 6 inch piece of New Heat Shrink Tube (Electrical Insulation Tubing) with each Crocus Cloth order – enough to do a couple of wiring repairs.”

To make inquiries and to order sheets send a message to Michael at but remove the letters “SPAM” first. (This is a new way to prevent email addresses that appear online from being harvested and used for spam purposes.)



  1. Hi Peggi.

    Yes, I’ve been on it since the beginning. I started it and run it. 🙂
    Lots of people don’t post. They just like reading all of the messages and know that it’s a good resource – and that’s perfectly fine. I’m glad that you are a part of it.


  2. Peggi

    I never realized you’re on the Bernina list. I joined it a few years ago but almost never post. 🙂

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