Swine Flu

There is so much about this particular flu in the news and of course, it has many people worried.

This H1N1 form of swine flu is one of the descendants of the strain that caused the 1918 flu pandemic and that earlier pandemic is the reason that I am here!

My grandfather was a soldier in that war. Before he was discharged and sent home, that 1918 flu swept across the world taking with it his young wife and baby daughter who’d been born while he was away and whom he’d never had the chance to see. It was a tragic story among countless others of the time and it always makes me feel very sad. Later, he married my grandmother and they had a daughter (my mother) and then a son who produced me, my siblings, and my cousins. Life can take the strangest and most amazing turns and so many continue to overcome tragedies and make new lives for themselves.


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