Book Review: Quilt of Belonging

Quilt of Belonging by Esther Bryan and Friends

Quilt of Belonging by Esther Bryan and Friends

Esther Bryan is a quilter who wanted to celebrate the fact that Canada is home to many immigrants. She also wanted to promote a sense of greater belonging among the diverse groups. She was inspired to organize a collaborative quilt to celebrate cultural diversity.
The resulting quilt is about 120 feet long and 10 feet high. It is made of 263 squares representing 71 Aboriginal groups and 192 immigrant nationalities found in Canada.

The quilt has been greatly admired and celebrated and has been exhibited in museums, fairs, and other centers in both Canada and the U.S.

The book is definitely eye candy for quilters! Each quilt block has its own page with its photo and a photo of its creator(s) along with the story behind its creation – pages and pages of unique designs embellished in many ways using, among other things, bobbin lace, shells, amber, porcupine quills, worry dolls, broaches, wool, and more.

The book is a feast for the eyes, or, as is often said, “eye candy.” It celebrates quilters and quilts from all over the world. You will sit with this one often and be continually inspired.

If you already have the book or when you get it, leave a comment on your favourite block in the book. I’m trying to choose one and having a difficult time!

Publisher: Boston Mills Press
Number of Pages: 296
Cover: Soft
ISBN: 10: 1-55046-435-3
ISBN: 13: 978-155046-435-1


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