What Are Your Preferences?

Those of you who subscribed to my newsletter and have followed me to this blog have found that the two are alike. I continue to review tools and books, add humour, give away free patterns, and introduce quilt sites. Soon I’ll be back to featuring quilters and answering questions as well. The major difference between the two is that it often took me at least two months to prepare a newsletter whereas now I can add a few segments each week or biweekly – at least, that’s my plan.

I must apologize to those of you who subscribe via email. Yesterday all you received was one bit of humour which was meant to be included today. I accidentally published it instead of saving it and emails go out automatically during the evening of the day they are written.

Is there anything else you would like to see added to Maria’s Quilt Scraps?

Are you satisfied with entries either weekly or biweekly?

What would you like to see changed or omitted?

I see and read many blogs where the quilter includes some personal material about their lives. Would you like to see that here?

Please use the “Leave a Comment” link below to answer any or all of the questions above and to comment on anything else you’d like to share about this blog and your likes and dislikes. I look forward to reading them as I’m sure all of our readers will.

Thank you,




  1. Thank you very much for your heartening comments, Keitha! I am happy that you enjoyed my newsletter and that you like the blog because it is added to more frequently. I will begin adding personal material and hope that you will continue to comment whenever the urge strikes. 🙂 It is so nice to get feedback like yours!



  2. Keitha Coffey

    I enjoy the blogs! Either weekly or biweekly would be fine, because either way they are more frequent than the newsletters, and I truly enjoy reading them. I would definitely like to see more personal material – mainly because I find I enjoy learning more about the people writing the blogs/newsletters I enjoy and look forward to. I get a lot of inspiration from things you write, so please keep the blogs coming!!!


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