Making A Baby Quilt – Step 2

I tend to plan many quilts as I go along instead of at the beginning, which is what I’m doing with this one.

So far, I’ve decided that this will be a crib quilt size – 36 x 50 inches – and that I will alternate appliquéd blocks with either blocks of a solid fabric or a traditional block pattern or patterns. It will have rows of 3 blocks across and 5 down – 15 blocks in all.

Since I want to make the appliquéd blocks first, I was forced to narrow my pattern choices from 18 down to 8. The elimination process was not easy and I hemmed and hawed over them for quite some time! I have finally chosen these blocks from Kay’s book: Moon & Stars, Sunflowers, Love, Cat, Scottie, Heart and Buds, Tulip Trio, and Chicken.

Now comes the fun of choosing fabrics from my scraps and stash and making the blocks! Although I cannot show the block patterns here, I will be able to show you the blocks as I finish them. Those of you who have Kay’s Easy Appliqué Blocks, and are following along, can look them up.

I’m thinking of using Betty Cotton’s Cotton Theory method and making the quilt reversible. I’ll decide on that after I look through my fabrics.


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