Making a Baby Quilt


Earlier this year we had fun with Kay Mackenzie’s Book-A-Round which featured her new book, Easy Appliqué Blocks. I made up my mind there and then, that I absolutely must use her delightful patterns to make a baby quilt for our newest grandchild. I meant to get started right away, but for many reasons, just wasn’t able to get to it. I thought it would be fun to share my progress with you here.


Step One:

It is very difficult to choose from among the designs because as you view them, you just want to make them all. I have finally narrowed it down to 18 of the patterns: Tree, Teddy Bear, Sunflowers, Scottie, Pears, Mouse, Moon & Stars, Love, Heart and Buds, Hat, Doves, Daisy, Chicken, Charm, Cat Dream, Cat, Cardinal, Apple, and Tulip.


Next, I will decide on the quilt size, then narrow my choices down even further. This may be the only difficult part of making the baby quilt!


The CD that Kay includes with her book makes everything so quick and easy! It was wonderful to simply choose the block size I wanted, then choose mirror image, then print! No light box or window needed. No tracing. Lots of time saved! How very convenient!


If you would like to make this quilt along with me and don’t already have it, order Kay’s book and join in!

Leave comments to share your progress and send me your photos to include. Email me at maria at by changing the “at” to @ and removing the spaces.

I hope to publish Step 2 soon. Watch for it! Be sure to subscribe via email or by reader and follow my progress!



  1. Thank you! 🙂


  2. Nice!


  1. Sew along with Maria : All About Applique

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