Pet Safety When Quilting/Sewing



The following is a message that was sent in by a member of the Bernina ThirtySomethings Bernina sewing machine list that I run. (Click on the link to check us out and to join us. You’ll be most welcome!)

It is such an important message that I requested permission to share it here. My thanks to Elizabeth for granting it.

I no longer let any of my pets in my sewing room as a result of a couple of very expensive lessons and near tragedies.

I have a very active and lovable dachshund, Bella, who loves to be anywhere Momma is. (That’s me, Elizabeth.) Years ago, she wasnt feeling well, and after a visit to the vet, we discovered she had ingested the fabric strip from shortening a bridesmaid dress. This resulted in very expensive surgery and a long difficult recovery for her.

Not having learned my lesson, a couple of years later, she was sick again. I took her to the vet and a virus diagnosed. After a few days there was still no improvement so back we went again. She was severely dehydrated and was given fluids intravenously which was repeated a few days later. During this time the vet assured me that she was bound to improve in a few days. Finally I took her in once more, begging them to do something because it was my belief that she was near death. The regular vet was not in that day, but by God’s miracle the on call vet had an inkling that perhaps Bella had a string wrapped around the rear of her tongue. You see, she had treated a cat with that problem years earlier. Sure enough, Bella had eaten a thread in my sewing room and it had wrapped itself around the rear of her tongue and gone down into her stomach. She had gone over a week without being able to lap water or eat. The thread was so tightly wrapped that it had actually cut into her tongue. This required more surgery. Once the thread was removed, she recovered quickly.

The vet said that if only we all knew how many times she’d had to do surgery on animals who had eaten thread or fabric, we would never buy them another stuffed animal or fabric toy of any kind. I think it’s an important story to share.

– Elizabeth in Coeur d’Alene

I agree that this is a very important story to share, Elizabeth. Thank you for permission to do so here. I’m sure that though you may never know, you’ll have saved who knows how many pets from suffering through the same experience.


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