Computer Crash

My computer crashed two weeks ago after serving me for 6 years. Having watched all those entertaining PC – Mac commercials on TV and identifying with all the PC problems I needed to take some time to decide on which new computer to buy. Talked to friends who use Macs and they are overwhelmingly full of praise for their computers so I decided to make the switch to Mac.

My new iMac just arrived today. I’m sure I’m going to love it. It only took minutes to get set to go! However things work differently with Macs and I’m still operating with a PC mentality so it will take me a few days to adjust.

Now you know why I haven’t added anything new for a while. I hope to return to weekly additions to Maria’s Quilt Scraps by next week. I’ll have a book review, the first of updates on a baby quilt I’ll be making, and all going well, I’ll introduce you to some special quilters.



  1. Lady Gem – Glad your move is over and done with and that you actually have a fabric store nearby! I’m sure you’ll love that convenience! No waiting for online deliveries when the store has what you want!

    Kay – The funny thing is that fellow PC users have accused me of moving to the “Dark Side.” LOL! In just a few hours of using my iMac, I’m convinced that it is definitely “the Light Side!” I haven’t learned a great deal yet but everything I have learned today is far and away easier and simpler on a Mac! I’m thrilled with it already! I like very much that Macs have gone green, too! – My husband just came home with the iMacs for Dummies book so I should really be set to go now! I’ll take you up on your kind offer if necessary though. Thank you!

    Lou Ann – I can already see that it is easier than a PC, and yes, my transition will definitely be easier than yours since I just have one change to deal with. You are a real survivor!


  2. I learned on an Apple and then progressed to the Mac. Then I moved from the school environment to business and had to learn to use the PC. I hope that you will adjust quickly to the Mac – it is really easier than the PC. I suspect your transition will be easier than mine – new job, new computer, new phone system all at once. I survived and you will too!

  3. kaymac

    Hooray! Welcome to the “Light Side!” As you know I’m a Mac girl so if you need to know how to work stuff, let me know!


  4. Hi Maria,
    Congrats on the new computer. Well we have moved and am now in Chetwynd BC where there is at least one Fabric shop lol. Hope it does not take you too long to adjust to a Mac. Let me know how you like it as I will be in for a new computer come Winter.

  5. Thank you, roykeane. I’m glad that you enjoy them. I really enjoy doing these reviews!


  6. Nice blog about book reviews.

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