Guidelines™ Ruler


This new ruler is the first one for quilting made of flexible polycarbonate, which is 25 times stronger than acrylic. It is backed up with a lifetime replacement guarantee!

It is a 6 x 12 inch ruler with clear, easy to see marking and angle lines whether using dark or light coloured fabrics. It has two, non-slip strips along the back of both long edges which makes it easy and handy to use.


The ruler comes with a yellow fabric guide and 2 angle line markers (seen in the image above). The guide can be slid into any position on the ruler in 1/8 inch increments. The notches in the guide (not seen in this photo) allow a good view of where the fabric meets it.

Using both the guide and the markers, it is easy to cut diamonds, triangles, and many other shapes!

This ruler is perfect for both left-handed and right-handed quilters. The measurements are marked in both directions and the guide can be removed and turned to face the opposite direction, making it very easy to adjust.

I like the convenient size of this ruler and find myself reaching it for it 99% of the time.


Three Additional Parts can be purchased for the ruler:
Attaching S adds 1/2 inch for Squares.
Attaching H adds the extra 7/8 inch needed for making Half Square Triangles.
Attaching Q adds the 1 1/4 inch needed for making Quarter Square Triangles.
So, for example, if you were making a 9 patch block made up of squares, Half Square Triangles (HSTs) and Quarter Square Triangles (QSTs) you would set the fabric guide once (to the finished size you want) and attach the seam allowance addition to cut any of the above shapes. They will all fit! No mathematical calculations needed at all! It couldn’t be easier!

Visit the Guidelines™ 4 Quilting website for more illustrations, more information and to purchase these additional. parts.

If you are a member of QNN watch for John Brady demonstrating the Guidelines™ Ruler and the Prep-Tool ™ .



  1. Lou Ann,

    I’m so pleased that you are happy with them. I’ll have to ask permission to quote you when I do my next review on them!

    Thanks very much for keeping me informed!


  2. They have arrived and are as great as I had expected! I love that the guides are color coded, so that you can grab the correct one. I’ll be using them extensively over the weekend!

  3. Lou Ann,

    I am glad that your problem has been happily resolved! Of course, I knew it would be because of the contact I’ve had with the owners/producers of these products. They are very nice people with great customer service. You’ll like those guides, too! They are very handy! I see that they’ve been redesigned too, so will have to include them in a tool review soon.


  4. Maria, I contacted them and discovered that my 24″ is now obsolete and that they make a much better kind (which I have in 12″ size). They offered to send me the guide that is attached to two 12″ inch ones to make a 24″ ruler, and is also made of better stuff. I have ordered the set of 3 guides to attach to my 12″ and reminded them to send me the double yellow attachment. They have mailed my order – I can hardly wait!!!

  5. Lady Gem,

    The illustrations for these rulers are very well done. They demonstrate how to use them and what can be done with them. I’ll be adding their newest features to my blog soon. I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy using your new tools.

    I look forward to seeing and reading your blog when it is ready and will appreciate your adding my blog link to your website and blog. Thank you.

    For those reading my response to Lady Gem, she is referring to the online quilt lessons I teach at QuiltCampus which can be found at . There are lots of great teachers and lessons there!


  6. Lady Gem

    Maria I went and had another look and watched how to use these tools. I thinks it’s great your sharing with us and can hardly wait for your beginner course to start in the fall. Waiting does give me time to assemble some needed items like the above which I did purchase today. It won’t be long before I have my own blog up and running (after I learn how) lol. I want to add your blog link and web site to my own blog with permission of course. Again what a great tool and thanx for sharing with us.

  7. Let me know what you think of them afterwards, Viriginia.


  8. Lou Ann,

    I’m absolutely sure you will receive a response. Their attention to detail and to customer’s needs is one of the things I like very much about Ritzko and John Brady, the developers and sellers of these tools. Email them at and then please leave another comment about their service.


  9. Peggi,

    It is such a privilege to be able to review quilt books and tools, and introduce them to readers. May your maybe become definite and your soon be much sooner than expected. 🙂


  10. Virginia Rothwell

    Maria – What a fabulous innovation. Thanks so much for sharing. Can hardly wait to purchase a set…or two…

  11. I have the large, small, and many other parts thanks to your review. I use them all of the time, but one handle has broken so I can’t click it in to have the hot pink show me the line to use. Disappointing, but I will contact the company. If they reply the way I hope they will, I will be purchasing these 3 additions as well.

  12. Peggi

    It was because of your original review that I bought my Guidelines Rulers – and I’ve been oh so tempted by this new combination. Soon, maybe…

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