Book Review: Cotton Theory® Quilting 2 by Betty Cotton

Cotton Theory® Quilting 2 by Betty Cotton

Cotton Theory® Quilting 2 by Betty Cotton

Long time readers will remember my feature on Betty Cotton and review of her book, Cotton Theory® Quilting. Everything I wrote about the first book applies to this second one as well so long time readers may want to look it up again, too.

To quote my first review:: “With Betty’s book and her Cotton Theory® Quilting technique, quilters no longer need fear struggling to make large quilts. Now they can not only look forward to them, they can take great pleasure in making them and have fun, too!”

Betty has now published Cotton Theory® Quilting 2! This one includes complete instructions for 14 attractive quilt projects. Her Quilt First-Then Assemble™ techniques enable us to machine quilt our layered blocks individually and then assemble them to complete our quilts. The lovely thing is that this quilt as we go method means we do not have to struggle with large bed quilts using our small, home sewing machines. We never have to squish up our quilts and manipulate them to machine quilt their centers. We are always working on the edge of the quilt with the complete bulk to the left! What a relief that is! In fact, before reading Betty’s books I had given up on making large, bed-sized quilts. Now I have no qualms about planning them at all!

Kelly's Secret Garden

Kelly's Secret Garden

My favourite thing about this book is that we can make traditional blocks using the Cotton Theory® Quilting method and most especially that we can use this method to complete our UFOs. In fact, I used it to finish my quilt on the left, Kelly’s Green Garden – a quilt that might otherwise been made into four smaller projects.

I can’t tell you how delighted I was to learn Betty’s methods and be able to complete this quilt especially as it was intended my niece, Kelly. When I saw the quilt’s name, I knew it had to be made for her! It is shown here spread over our sofa because it was too large for me to hang anywhere inside.

Before reading Betty’s book, I had the top completed in four sections. Having recently struggled with two large 80 x 80 inch quilts, I did not want to battle another so those four sections – another 80 x 80 inch quilt – sat for years waiting to be made. Thanks to Betty, it went together very easily and quickly and I was delighted to finally have it done and presented. Now I look forward to making large quilts again! I highly recommend this book to all quilters experiencing the same issues!

Note: This pattern appeared in a book I owned many years ago. Unfortunately, I no longer have it and cannot recall the two designers’ names. If you happen to know them or the book title, please email me at info at

You can buy the book from Betty’s website or order it from Amazon.

ISBN: 978-0-9772611-1-6
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Cotton Theory LLC


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