Mary Pauline Laughlin

Mary Pauline LaughlinAlmost two years ago, in our January 2006 newsletter, I introduced you to a very special lady – Mary Pauline Laughlin. Miss Pauline was 93 at the time and is now, of course, 95.

I ended her feature with these words: Pauline has no plans to retire from quilting and crafting. Her business is thriving and she likes the people she meets at craft shows. She plans to give lessons and to quilt as long as she is able. She is doing just that and continues to be an inspiration to us all!

Her feature generated more email messages than I’ve received from any article before or since. Quilters were
as delighted as I was to meet Miss Pauline via these pages.
A few months ago, I happened to learn that Karen Musgrave of The Alliance for American Quilts interviews quilters for the Quilters’ SOS – Save Our Stories. Her interviews are added to the Alliance’s website and here original audio recordings and photographs are archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. I was delighted to have the privilege of introducing Karen and Miss Pauline to one another.

The photos of Miss Pauline’s quilts and the interview will be added here soon. Then you’ll be able to learn more about Miss Pauline’s story, and to find out what has been keeping her busy during the last two years.


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