Introducing Maria’s Quilt Scraps

Maria’s Quilt Scraps takes the place of our Maria Michaels Designs Newsletter which has been going strong since its inception in June of 2002.

It will include all of the same features:

    -our new quilt patterns as they are developed.
    -our reviews of quilt books and a list of quilt books of interest.
    -our reviews of quilt tools and a list of quilt tools of ineterest.
    -the stories of a variety of interesting quilters.
    -links to quilt-related websites and blogs.
    -quotations, humour, and special thoughts
    -photos of quilts.
    -monthly draws for a free pattern.
    -and more as ideas and suggestions come to mind
      and are proposed.

As time permits, all previous newsletters will be archived with each article under its own category. Once I have the blog all set up and ready, I will begin adding new material.



  1. Hi Peggi – and thank you! I’ll miss the newsletter too, but at least it will be here with all of the same content, and it will be so much easier for me to maintain and update!.

  2. Peggi

    Hi Maria! It’s great to see you here in blogland! I’ll miss the newsletter – but it’s nice to know you’re here and carrying on. šŸ™‚

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