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All Inclusive

This is a must read for all quilters! Hunter has said it all so perfectly. Be sure to spread this to all of your quilting friends!

Hunter's Design Studio

CoExist Stars 2

I recently attended a guild meeting, where the speaker began her talk by making a statement along the lines of “those ugly charity quilts some people make are not art.”

Yeesh. Talk about divide the room.

I’ve been quilting since the late 1980’s, and back then the argument was that if it wasn’t hand pieced, or at least hand-quilted, it wasn’t a quilt, because our grandmothers made them all by hand.

Then in the 1990’s it was art quilting vs. traditional quilting. And now, it seems, the rivalry is modern vs. everything else.

What’s with the US vs. THEM thing? As a Facebook friend remarked last week, she’s so OVER the conversation of whether or not a quilt can be called “modern.”

I can’t help but think that, in this mostly female endeavor, any such divisiveness is just corrosive. Our grandmothers laid the foundation of feminism (in the true sense…

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1000 Quilts Listed!

One thousand!



Yesterday, we reached the grand number of 1,000 quilts listed, then surpassed it by day’s end!

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More Inspiration from Mother Nature

Here are 3 more garden flower photos to help us make colour choices. I love the plum blossoms so am including one more photo.

Leave a comment if any of these pictures inspire you to choose colours for your quilts. I’ll be happy to hear from you.




New Craftsy Quilt Class!

Craftsy has a new quilt class starting – Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags.
You’ll want to watch the introductory video. These will make great gifts for birthdays and other occasions. Of course, we’ll want to make some for ourselves, as well!

Craftsy Sale



Joanne Burley took these great photos of her recent visitors.
Thank you for sharing them, Joanne.

burley-marllardIsn’t he a fine fellow?


Don’t they look comfortable among the white and purple violets?

squirrelsFeasting Time!



Plum Blossoms

I’ll be sharing some of our garden photos in the next while, not only because of the beauty of nature, but because Mother Nature’s colours are such an inspiration to quilters.  We are always looking for new colour themes. Imagine putting these whites, greens, and blues together in a quilt.